Gilbert Kosgei a week ago

I live in a 75 year old heritage home that has a wooden basement. Pests are a common occurrence for us.  I called Vik from Rats Pest Control to fix the problem of Mice and Rats under my deck.   The Rodents will be an ongoing process because of my basement but it’s under control and all due to professional steps taken by this company.


Cherie Lockin the last week

Great service, really knew how to handle the treatment given I have a very intelligent dog that sniffed the baits our immediately. Next day the mice were gone and haven’t returned since. Can’t recommend enough.


Sami Gelalin the last week

  Can’t say a bad word about Rats Pest Control.  Very friendly staff, competitive prices and an impressive guarantee to back up the service.  Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone regarding any pest problems. Thanks


Ishvdeep Shokarin the last week

  Awesome service! Very quick response.  They were at my house within the hour and Sam and Loveleen was very professional and polite. They did a great job for cockroach infestation in my granny flat and Rat pest Control in my house . I would reccomend using his services.



Pest Control Services In Perth, WA

We offer reliable , professional and emergency pest Control in Perth . Our focus is on delivering high standard professional services in Residential & Commercial sector. We take care of your family & home like ours and put a lot of efforts for using more Eco-Friendly Techniques which are safe for your Kids & Pets. We treat all pest infestations quickly as they can cause a lot of health issues and damage your property if avoided.

The Best Pest Control Perth WA experts have successfully treated Residential and Commercial premises for all types of pests including Rats, Mouse, cockroach, Spiders, Ants, Termite, Moths, Bed Bug, Birds, Bird Mites, Bees, Wasp, Possum, Flea , Silver Fish etc and that’s why we provide No 1 Pest Control Services in WA.

Pest infestation is one of the major issues that everyone is facing in Perth WA province. Actually the environment of Australia is an ideal place for the survival of different types of pests in all seasons. If you are also facing the intrusion of pests in residential or commercial location then try our services at once. Unlike traditional and hazardous methods, we have environment friendly techniques for a complete pest removal. Our highly expert team is capable of eradicating every kind of pests from your property without causing any kind of nuisance. Simply call us anytime from the given contact number on this site and we will endow the best services in affordable price range.

As a Professional Pest Controller In Perth WA

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  • We provide the 5 star Services that saves you money & Time and guarantees you to stay safe.
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  • Our professional team offers free on-site assessments and  & Affordable quotes before any job is started

Pest Control Perth

Perth is one of the busiest locations in Australia and its suburbs need proper protection from the infestation of pests. We understand this fact very well and endow best in class services for removal or elimination. Along with elimination, we also take care of the environment by using eco-friendly chemicals. For the safety purpose, we implement following measures:-

Kid And Pet Safety

While hiring a rodent control team, you must take care of this fact that every chemical that they use must be environment-friendly. We understand it and that is why our technicians use those products which are safe for kids and pets. As compared to adults, the children are more prone to chemical reactions. The pest treatment that we do is completely safe and even one can stay inside the house while the whole process is going on.

Effect Of Chemicals On Kids

The skin of kids is very sensitive and their immune system is also not enough strong to face the reaction of chemicals. Harmful gases may go inside lungs during respiration and cause serious problems in case you hire an unreliable pest control service provider. Our treatment chemicals are certified as per the standards of government authorities. You can check the proof of certification on our website or the labels of chemicals while performing the treatment.

Effect Of Chemicals On Pets

Pets like dogs and cats are commonly found in every house. That is why it is important to take care of their health in case of performing pest control service. We know it very well that some pets cannot tolerate the pollutants and become ill. Thus we offer toxins free treatments which are harmless for the health of pets as well as humans too. Our experts have enough knowledge regarding how to eradicate pests from your residence safely without causing any harm. We offer 24X7 services in case of an emergency.

Pest Control Services in Western Australia

There are generally 2 major areas where the need for pest control is very much. One is residential where you live and another is commercial where you work. Our experts have experience of working in both of these fields by implementing best in class methods.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial areas are generally those places where people work for earning. But small organisms like rats, flies or wasps may create huge problems. It directly affects the reputation of a company very badly. Whether it is a production firm or service providing company, we know how to eradicate pests from these locations successfully. The commercial areas are larger than residential spots and they are also designed in a unique way to match the requirement of business Some areas where we are expertise:-

  • Food processing companies
  • Office work areas
  • Mechanical equipment companies

Pest control in commercial areas is very important because small negligence may cause a huge loss in future.

Residential Pest Control

Home is the place where a person comes to relax but if it is already occupied by pests like bed bugs and cockroaches then tell us. We know how to deal with pests in different locations of house such as:-

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Garage

For every area, we have different treatment methods which are safe to use with humans as well as pets too.


When we think about bed bugs, we always imagine them as one of the dirtiest and spooky creatures moving all around your home. The worst thing is that they can occupy any area where they will get a food source and warmth to grow.

Whether it’s a neat and clean home or old property, they can survive at any place and are very difficult to get rid of them. Let’s try to understand a little more about bed bugs, so that you can immediately eradicate them from your property once you find them.


So you have noticed those small pesky creatures in your home and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Cockroaches are incredibly annoying creatures that can breed very easily and so it will become very difficult for you to eradicate.

Not only should you know from where they are coming from, but you also need to have a thorough approach to get rid of them. Cockroaches are very difficult to get rid of, and so homeowners always prefer to use a professional pest control solution to help you get rid of the pests.


Pest control refers to the process of regulation, controlling and managing the pests i.e. rats, mice, cockroaches so that you can live peacefully. It is considered as a big harm to the ecology, everyone’s health and our growing economy.

Rat control & removal is not something new. It has always been there in the home and it is a major threat to the agricultural industry and that’s exactly why it should be controlled at the right time. Rats and such annoying pests has become a big nuisance to human beings because it affects the humans directly.


Some of the spiders love to stay in places which are a little moisturized and so you can mostly found them in the basements or any other damp areas of the buildings. There are few others like dry areas i.e. air vents, attics etc. They always prefer to hide in the dark places.

More than 35,000 species of spiders exist in all around the world, and there are around 600 which are found specifically in UK.


Termites are known as one of the most annoying pests which can damage everything in your home or your commercial property. They are also known as “white ants” and can cause great damage to the property if they are not checked, inspected or managed by the qualified and experienced professionals.

Their main source of food is wood which they would like to have 24/7. What this means is that termites in your home can lead to a major infestation if not controlled at the right time.


As most of the ants prefer to stay in the sunny climate, you may not always find ants in your home because the climate won’t suit them. However, it can be a big nuisance if you find the ants in your home.

When it comes to black or garden ants, they don’t cause any kind of diseases but you would definitely not want them in your food cupboards.


Chances are that you just step outside of your home on a bright sunny day and you saw some wasps flying here and there. Of course, you don’t want them to bite your kids and so you will immediately look for some effective solutions to get rid of the pests.

Which company should you choose? Even when you have thought to take a DIY approach, how will you know about the technique which will work and which won’t? Most of the times, you can find the wasps flying around.


Itching can drive you crazy, especially when you don’t know the source. Keep reading this post to know why it happens, and the exact solution to this problem. Do you feel it more during night? If your answer is yes, we can definitely help you out.

Is there any specific place where the itching becomes worse- in your bed or sofa or at your office? One of the most common reasons why you are experiencing itching regularly is because of mites.