How To Keep Ants Out Of Your House

As most of the ants prefer to stay in the sunny climate, you may not always find ants in your home because the climate won’t suit them. However, it can be a big nuisance if you find the ants in your home. When it comes to black or garden ants, they don’t cause any kind of diseases but you would definitely not want them in your food cupboards.

Ants travel through different places in search of food, following the trails which they have established to search the source of food. And that’s how things become a little difficult to control when you simply don’t have any idea what should you exactly do. You can exactly find the existence of ants in your home through the small holes in the soil.

What You Should Immediately Do?

  • Try to find out where they are coming in and seal off the entry point immediately.
  • Clean the sticky residues because sweet things can attract the ants easily.
  • Always cover the food sources because it can be a food source for ants.

In case, if you are still not able to control the ant infestation in your home, speak to the experts. They will use eco-friendly products to help you eradicate the pests from your home. Here are the following things you can do to keep the ants out:-

Understand The Ant Colony And Its Queen

To deal with the ant problems, you should first try to get rid of the ones which you don’t always see. It might sound a little strange, but very true. Yes, we are talking about the queen- the one who never leaves her nest and she is the one who lays all the eggs. She simply stays there, and she is very annoyed with the workers (who you see in your kitchen space) all the time and keep producing eggs so that she has more people who can help her get food. So even when you spray on the ants you see, it won’t really bother because she will keep producing more.

Keep An Eye On All The Trailing Ants

It might sound a little silly, but the very first step to control ants is by keeping an eye on the ones who are entering your home. It will help you know from where they are coming and going. An ant always looks for food, but once they have found it, they will again return to the nest leaving the trail mark behind it. By doing this, it will leave a trail for the fellow ants to gather the food following the same path.

Never Ever Spray The Ants

As it’s been already discussed in the previous paragraph, the ants who gather food are the worker ants. They are responsible to find food and will feed the queen and all her young children, who are getting all the guidance from the queen ant to be the next generation of ants who will work. Therefore, it won’t really make sense to kill the worker ants because the queen will send some more workers if she doesn’t get food.

Place Ant Bait Stations In The Track

Rather than killing the worker ants, you should try to use them. Considering the directions, you just need to place the ant bait stations in the track. The working ants will find the bait; they will carry it to the nest, and immediately feed the queen, eventually killing her.

  • Have Patience

Of course, ants will carry the insecticide bait to the nest, but it may take some time to kill the ants, or more than a week if the colony is big. You may also have to replace the bait station if they are emptying the liquid bait.

  • Keep Your Home Clean

Sanitation is one of the most important steps for prevention and that’s exactly how you can control pests. Just like all the other living creatures, ants will need food, water and shelter to survive. They usually leave the shelter when they are looking for food and shelter. Therefore, you should always keep the food in a stored container, clean the floors as much as possible.

  • Keep The Ants Out

Ants are very small creatures and they can enter your buildings through the small cracks or holes. You should try to seal all the doors and windows, and even the pipe or wiring points.

Why You Should Choose Us?

How To Remove Ant

Clean the food items dispose the garbage properly and cover all the leakages or entry points of ants which will protect your property from any kind of infestations. The age old measures like insecticides and boiling water can easily destroy the nest of ants, but it is very difficult to get rid of the home-dwelling species. Using pesticides can damage the nest which will eventually result in further hives in different locations.

A complete ant infestation requires a professional treatment- people who take a DIY approach end up making things worse. We will try to locate the nest of the ants, and rather than using the trapping and baiting process, we will make use of the best ways to kill the ants.

Our Expert Technicians

It is very difficult to assume whether an ant infestation is in a nest or whether they are entering your home from outside, and even if you can determine which ant species you have in home and where they are dwelling, the only option is to look for a professional who can help you get rid of the pests.

We can not only assure you with a comprehensive treatment, but if you are confused of the situation, we can also offer you a free consultation that will help you decide whether you need the professionals for the treatment or take a DIY approach. What’s more important is if you choose our services, our team of technicians can give you some great tips to prevent any further infestations in future.

Good luck!