When we think about bed bugs, we always imagine them as one of the dirtiest and spooky creatures moving all around your home. The worst thing is that they can occupy any area where they will get a food source and warmth to grow.Whether it’s a neat and clean home or old property, they can survive at any place and are very difficult to get rid of them. Let’s try to understand a little more about bed bugs, so that you can immediately eradicate them from your property once you find them.

#1 Grow Quickly

You would be surprised to know that bed bugs can lay more than 300 eggs within a week, making it more difficult for you to get rid of the infestation. Look for the right treatment when you have seen them for the first time.

#2 Irritating Bites During Night

One of the major reasons why bedbugs are very difficult to discover because they are nocturnal and active in night while you are sleeping. They will bite you while you’re sleeping on the mattress and will immediately hide before you wake up. If you’re also facing the same every night, then chances are that you have bed bugs in home, especially when you’re sleeping in a mattress. Clean the mattress as often as you can.

#3 Carry Different Diseases

A myth about the bed bugs is that they will only bite you, and are safe with no other risks involved. However, it’s not true if we trust the results of recent researches where medical experts have proved that bedbugs bites’ can also cause serious infections and are very harmful for health. They will not only transmit illnesses, but also carry different kind of viruses.

#4 Detect The Bedbugs With The Help Of Expert Professionals

Most of the times, it becomes very difficult for the homeowners to detect the bed bugs, especially when they have taken a DIY approach. However, this becomes easy when you hire an experienced professional to do the job. They know how to detect the bed bugs and will make use of the most effective solutions to eliminate them from your bed.

You will notice red spots on your body parts if you have bed bugs in your home. They sometimes leave small brown sports, and will produce a nasty scent on the bed sheet and mattresses. Look for mattress cleaning services if bed bugs are giving you sleepless nights every day.

Mattresses are one of the prime locations where bed bugs usually hide and they will also grow in the same place. Never ever try to clean the mattress on your own because you will end up damaging it. Look for expert professionals who can eradicate the bed bugs permanently.

Signs Of Bed Bugs

It’s not so easy to identify the bed bugs or know that there are bed bugs in your home. They will hide in the tiny cracks and crevices. The very first sign of bed bugs is the bites that you will notice when you wake up.

Have a look at the following clues to know their presence:-

Black Stains

You will notice dark or black stains in the mattresses and all the surrounding areas.

Sweet Scent

You will find a sweet and unpleasant scent.

Small Spots

You will also notice small dark blood spots on the bedding which are more popularly known as “faecal pellets”.

Live Insects

Despite the fact that they’re very small (size of the adult is around 4-5 mm long) you can easily spot the bed bugs and shed skins.

Locating the BED BUGS

Most of the times, you can easily find them in the beds. However, they also sometimes hide in the furniture and furnishings. Have a look at the following:-

  • Bed frames
  • Headboard crevices
  • Mattress seams
  • Carpets and underlay
  • Skirting Boards
  • Timber Floorboards
  • In cracked or broken plaster or you may also check behind peeling wallpaper
  • Inside electrical sockets and fittings
  • Drawers
  • Cupboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedside cabinets

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs usually gets carried in a home or any business premises through the clothes, or probably in the luggage or furniture. Considering the size, bed bugs can easily travel from one place to another.


Second hand furniture are the places where you will find the bed bugs. They also grow in such places. That’s exactly why you should look for the signs of investation before buying any second hand furniture or any other items, especially if they have any kind of cracks and crevices. We have a team of professional experts who will treat all the second hand items before you decide to buy them home.

Staying Away In A Hotel Or Other Accommodation

Of course, we are talking about a night stay. Have a look at the things which you should check in a hotel bed:-

  • You should check the blood stains on the bed and such other signs when you arrive in the hotel.
  • You should speak to the hotel management if you find anything suspicious.
  • It is very important to treat all the items and belongings before you return to your home.
  • Make sure that all the items are treated properly so that they pest-free.

Stop Visiting Your Friends And Neighbors Places If You Have Pests In Home

If you have bed bugs in your home, you should never ever spread them by taking clothes or any other items to other’s homes or hotels. Severe bed bug infestations can damage the properties by crawling through the floor or damaged walls. If you live in an apartment where you have found major pest infestation, speak with your neighbors and take action as soon as possible.

Getting Rid Of The Annoying Bed Bugs

Once you have discovered the problem, you would definitely like to eliminate it. The good thing is that there are few steps you can take, other than the professional treatment to get rid of the infestation. Maintain a good level of hygiene, clean the property as often as possible and use DIY products which can kill the bed bugs easily. Keep all these great tips in mind to eliminate the bed bugs.