Do you know that they belong to the largest order of insects?
Yes, you heard it right. It’s COLEOPTERA.There are more than billions and millions species of beetles which exist in this world. In a recent survey, it has been found that there are more than 25,000 beetle species which exists in North America.

How Can You Identify A Beetle?

Most of the times, people think cockroaches as beetles. You can easily identify an adult beetle through the wings.
They have a well-developed antennae and it’s their attractive chewing mouthparts which will grab your attention in the
initial phase. The front wings of beetle are very hard and they look more like shells and not wings.

The reason why they fold the front wings is because they want to cover the back wings. Not only strong and durable,
but it also protects them against any kind of damage and destruction. However, the only problem is that they are very
poor fliers if compared to the other insects. Most of the adult bees you see have a line in their back where the two
wings meet.

What about Their SIZE?

They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. You will find the ones which are a little long and slender. They are
known as “CLICK BEETLES”. Few of the beetles are known as LADY BEETLES and others are a little oval or round
in shape. They are known as JUNE BEETLES or more popularly known as JUNE BAGS. You may also find beetles that will look more like spiders.


A four stage life cycle is the development process of beetle. This is a complete metamorphosis. The four stages
involved are egg, larva, pupa and adult. The length/time duration of the life cycle may also vary according to the
beetle type. There are few beetles which can develop very quickly and they can increase the population rapidly every

Other species i.e. wood boring beetles will take some time to develop into an adult insect. The kind of the life cycle which every beetle goes through also depends on the amount of food they are consuming along with the
environmental conditions. Adult beetles sometimes keep the eggs near their food so that the larvae can eat when
they will come out of the eggs.

What Exactly Do Beetles Eat?

They either eat plants or insects or sometimes even animal fibers, depending on the kind of species they are. There
are few species of beetles which are also considered as pests in lawns or gardens, although you may also find
species like the ladybird beetle which helps human beings by killing the garden insects.

What Kind Of Problems You Can Encounter Because Of Beetles?

Unfortunately, there are some beetles which are extremely destructive. Carpet beetle larvae usually eat natural fibers and feathers. They usually damage the woolen items and other fabrics. There are many other species of beetles, like powder post beetles eat bamboo and hardwood. They can also attack furniture items in your home and damage the
wooden items.

Some of the beetles like flour and grain beetles can also attack the different food products in your kitchen. They can also damage the food in the production stores. You will find few other species which can destroy the lawns and
landscapes. Have you heard of IMMATURE JUNE BEETLES? Yes, they are the ones which can attack the roots of grass. ELM LEAF BEETLE can damage the trees.

The other species of beetles, such as lady beetles and ground beetles are a bug nuisance. During the summers,
homeowners can find such beetles in the exterior area of home. They try hard to enter the homes for shelter
especially during the winters and look for places where they can escape.

How We Will Treat BEETLES?

When it comes to treating beetles, there are mainly three different groups of beetles that requires treatment if they’re in your home or business premises. They are; food product beetles, wood-destroying beetles, fabric infesting beetles etc. While the kind of treatment procedures and methods will vary depending on the diet and habitat of the beetle, every treatment usually follows a comprehensive integrated pest management program.

Learn About The Inspection & Treatment Plan

When the pest infestation has become a major nuisance, your pest control expert will immediately do a thorough
inspection of the property to identify the beetles. Based on what they find in their report, your pest control professional will immediately come up with an effective plan to help you get rid of the pests.

Identifying the right pest is very important, especially because there are different species of beetles and so they need to apply the specific treatment according to the beetle type. Incorrect identification can make things worse because you’ll end up spending money in a kind of treatment which won’t work effectively.

Educating The Customers

Yes, we do take time to help you understand about the beetle’s life cycle and will explain about the different treatment solutions we use to kill the pests. The treatment plan usually includes treating those areas where baby beetles are living and killing them to the core so that they don’t become adults. We will help you know the signs and kind of things or food items that beetles infest. It will help you protect the property from any kind of pest infestation in future.

Non-Chemical Treatments

  • You would be happy to know that there are some beetles which can be easily removed by a vacuum or any kind of physical removal process will work on them. Your pest control company will tell you about those beetles which can be easily controlled in such a way.
  • Choose the food items, fabrics and other wooden items before bringing them into your home or business premises. Furthermore, you should also try to control the moisture in your home/business premises as much as possible. If you have found an infestation, you should immediately remove the infested items ASAP.

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