Itching can drive you crazy, especially when you don’t know the source. Keep reading this post to know why it happens, and the exact solution to this problem. Do you feel it more during night? If your answer is yes, we can definitely help you out. At BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA, we know how annoying bird mites are and will make use of the best methods to eliminate them from your property.Is there any specific place where the itching becomes worse- in your bed or sofa or at your office? One of the most common reasons why you are experiencing itching regularly is because of mites. They are highly active at night and so they will mostly bite you during this time. They also harbor in places where they get direct access to food. And there are many people who are not as reactive as you are- and that’s why you are becoming a victim every night and not others.


Subclass Acari


There are different species of mites, and most of them usually measure around 1 mm in length. Just like the other
arachnids, their bodies have prosoma and abdomen. Another interesting fact about mites is that they have 4 pairs of


In the initial phase, these arachnids will develop through the larva and pupal stage before they become an adult. They can easily survive on both land and water. The good thing is that most of the mites are not harmful for animals, while there are some which are very parasitic.

Mites are too small (or you can also call them microscopic). However, they can easily crawl and bite. There
are different varieties of species which can cause random and unexplained itching. They are either rat or bird mites.

Parasitic mites are a kind of mites which can attack animal hosts and cause severe skin irritation. When it comes to bird mites, they are equally annoying to poultry, while if we talk about spider mites they can destroy crops. There are some parasitic mites who are very dangerous if compared to others, and the reason is because of their ability to reside in the respiratory track of the hosts. Few other species, like the chiggers can transfer very harmful and dangerous diseases.


Do you know that they are a diverse group of animals? There are some species of mites which are predatory and they feed on the other mites. The other species are detritivores and they usually eat decaying materials.

You will also find mites which consider plant as their major source of food and so considered as agricultural pests. Lastly, there also exist some species which specifically feeds on animals.

Have a look at the few species of mites which are as follows:-

  • Bird Mites
  • Chigger Mites
  • Clover Mites
  • Red Mites
  • Southern Red Mite
  • Scabies


Bird mites are such kind of parasites who feed on bird’s blood. It’s their major source of food. It is their nests where they breed. They can cause skin related problems in human beings and affect the health of the birds badly. Bird mites die within a short span of time, if they don’t get the right amount of food. They can also damage the poultry houses and farms, and sometimes homes which keep pet birds. Therefore, you really need to be careful if you have birds in home.

It is mostly during the spring and early summer when bird mites breed. They can also grow in humid conditions. It is usually considered as the best time to kill the bird mites because they are usually visible due to their increasing population. However, if you have a poultry firm then you should go for the treatment twice a year.

To control the bird mites near your home, the very first step is to remove the bird nests ASAP. It is very important to adhere to the state and governmental regulations while you are treating them. This is important because there are few bird species which should be protected. A professional pest control expert should also check the breeding sites property for any additional nests. To get the best results, speak with our team of experts now who have specialization in treating bird mites.


Although bird mites are not a major threat to the human beings but they can pose a great threat to the different variety of birds including poultry and pet birds in your home. Those who have pet birds in home or a poultry firm sometimes try insecticides to eliminate them. While this method is sometimes successful, such species can again breed if not eradicated permanently. This is one of the major reasons why proper identification of the pest is important. The process is a lot more than just an extermination procedure. Wrong identification can make things worse.

It is also very important to locate and destroy the nests of the affected pet birds. Most of the times, you can find the nests in roofs, chimneys, window ledges, or walls where there are small cracks or crevices. However, while you are eliminating them it is very important to follow the government regulations so that you can protect those bird species which are on the verge of extinction.

Nesting areas also needs a strict application of the best pesticides, which should be applied according to the laws so that the bird mites can be removed properly. This is a kind of process which should be implemented on a regular basis to get the best results. A professional pest control expert knows how to deal with the infestations in a safe and effective way.


To eliminate the bird mites permanently, it is very important to find the breeding and nesting sites. They breed in the nests of the hosts; and so such nests should be immediately removed. There are some pesticides, which are applied according to the regulations of the government to prevent such infestations in future. Always hire an experienced professional or a reliable and trustworthy company to treat the bird mites.

Good luck!