You can blame it on deforestation or probably urbanization or any other man-made activity, but the reason why more and more birds have started inhabiting our homes is because we have destroyed their natural habitats. From pigeons to sparrows, chickens and of course wild birds usually build their nests in the abandoned areas or the less used corner of your home so that they can lay eggs peacefully.Birds are definitely not one of the best housemates that you would like to share your home. For beginners, it is not easy to clean the droppings and feathers. Moreover, birds are responsible for certain medical issues i.e. encephalitis, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis and other harmful diseases.

At BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA, we have a team of experts who specialize in bird pest control without harming any of the birds. An effective bird control process is all about knowing the nesting habits of the various bird species.


It’s very important to recognize the signs of bird infestation and get an immediate solution so that the pests can be controlled at the right time. Here’s a list of the following signs that indicates that you should immediately get professional help:-

  • Birds setting on roofs or ledges.
  • Bird noises- Yes, we’re talking about continuous bird cries, especially from the young chicks.
  • Bird nests- If you find the nesting materials in the premises.
  • Damaged Stock- Pecking and Bird Fouling
  • Droppings- This is more specific to areas where birds roost.
  • Debris from nests and feathers- It can also block the guttering and drainage systems, which would also lead to damp damage.


  • Pigeons
  • Doves
  • Mynas
  • English starlings
  • Silver Gulls
  • House sparrows

What you must remember is that each and every bird species usually have their landing, nesting and rooting preferences.


Birds, if compared with the other kind of pests, are very less harmful and they should not be a big concern. In fact, there are many homeowners who love to keep birds in their home. They are docile and peaceful. However, it doesn’t mean that you can live with all kinds of unwanted birds.

When it comes to pigeons and sparrows, they usually build their nest both inside and outside of the house, in the attic sometimes, and inside the cupboard, or probably any areas of the house that’s absolutely isolated from a long time.

Along with the bird droppings, you’ll also get annoyed with the chaos created by the birds. They also carry tiny mites which creates rashes, irritation and itchiness. You should know that the features of birds can also contaminate the food items.

In case, if you consume them in any of your food items; it cause loose motion and sometimes serious health issues.


At BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA, we have a team of experts who can eradicate the birds from both the residential and commercial complex in the safest and effective way. A team of professionals will only begin the procedure by doing a survey of the affected areas.

Birds usually chose human’s home as their habitat because they need this place for laying and nesting eggs. However, if you still experience the problem, then hiring a professional will make everything easy for you. We have all the essential tools required to carry the inspection, catch the bird and rehabilitate it.


Without the right professional assistance, it is quite a daunting task to get rid of the birds using a DIY approach. Birds are very stubborn, no matter how many times you try to shoo them away from your home they will always come back after a few days. However, you always have the option to make use of DIY products to keep the birds away from your home. You can also create your bird traps and barriers in the windows and ventilators. However, DIY products don’t
always work.


At BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA, we have a very systematic approach to bird control. A detailed survey is one of the very initial stages of an effective bird control program. Birds can fly anytime anywhere. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to capture them.

Our technicians will inspect all the nook and corners of your home to locate the bird nest. The next step is to set up the traps so that they can keep the birds out of your home. DIY approach is quite tricky.

Once the bird is captured, our team will immediately start working to clean the mess. From the ceiling to the floor, our team will quickly do the dusting in all around the house. These sometimes include painting, plumbing and a little bit of carpentering. Most of the times, bird control techniques usually includes physical and visual deterrents, sonic devices and barriers that can easily capture the birds without any kind of harm.

There are some other options which are also used by the professionals are as follows:-

  • Nets
  • Spikes
  • Bird coils
  • Strands
  • Scarecrows

Sometimes, they also use a special surface spray in all around the property. This is a licensed spray used for bird pest control.


Pest control services in Perth, WA are not very cheap, but they’re not heavy on the pockets too. Customers get the option to choose from the different packages and service plans according to the severity of the problem and the budget they have. You can either pay through cash or may also opt for credit payment option.


The pest control process usually take around 24 to 36 hours. From setting the baits to repairing the damages, spraying the chemicals; we will make use of the best methods to prevent the infestation. We can easily get the job done within a day or two depending on the size of the property and severity of the problem.


No side effects at all. All the products we use are very safe and eco-friendly. However, you should try to keep the children and pets away from the place.

Good luck!