Fleas are one of the major nuisances, especially when you have pets in your home. You will find it more annoying even when you do not have pets in home, and the previous owner had. They also get carried on the other animals, especially when you have hairy pets in your home i.e. rats, mice, squirrel, livestock etc. They are parasites, and so should be taken seriously especially because of the diseases which may happen due to their bites. Although it won’t be painful but can result into itching or rashes. Your pets may also develop allergies.Dealing with fleas becomes worse during summers, but they can also annoy you in the winter season. After all, won’t you like to enjoy the winter winds in the lazy Sunday afternoons? If you have found fleas in your cat or dog, chances are that there are more such exists in your home. The regular fleas you are seeing are the adults and they are just one percent of the total population of the fleas that are infesting in your home. Getting rid of them is not an easy job as it seems; you should try to eliminate them from all the corners of your home.

Fleas can also carry diseases and conditions that are very serious, i.e. anemia, skin allergies, tapeworm etc. While the food sources of fleas are tapeworm, skin allergy, anemia, they also attack human beings. They can live for a long time without any food, but if they are hungry and you are in that specific hungry zone, they can also eat a warm blooded creature, and the target can be you.

How To Identify Fleas?

Your cat or dog is looking a little uncomfortable and they are constantly scratching or biting their skin. It can either be a skin infection or fleas feeding. But do you know how fleas look like? Before you look for a pet doctor there are many ways to check whether you have fleas in your home.

Signs of Fleas

  • Are there any fleas on your cat’s or dog’s coat? Fleas are usually reddy-brown and they are 2mm long.
  • You should also keep an eye on the hind-quarters of your pet. What is means is that check the head and neck area of your cat. These are the specific areas which fleas target and you can definitely find some signs of flea activity.
  • Check your pet’s skin for any black droppings. This is known as “flea dirt” or you can also term it as adult flea faeces. What you can do is use a flea comb in a white paper which makes it easy to find the small black specks.
  • Another way through which you can find whether you have fleas in your home is by checking the carpets/rugs or pet bedding.

Look For Flea Eggs

Although you may sometimes feel that you’ve finally got rid of the fleas, but the fact is that there might be flea eggs which are very difficult to spot. They will lay eggs on your pet’s body. However, they won’t stay there. You can also find the hidden eggs in rugs, carpets, floorboards etc. Flea eggs are usually very small (and it’s usually 0.55 cm long), and the shape is oval. It becomes very difficult to find the eggs against any rough surfaces and materials.

Do You Need Any Help In Eliminating Fleas?

If you have failed to eliminate the fleas, or you just want to get rid of them, speak with our experts who can help you in the best possible way. The very first thought of fleas will make you eww, but it can happen anywhere with no fault of your own.

Pests can come from anywhere, and you won’t even know about it in the initial phase. There are many things you can do if you have noticed it in the very first phase. Here’s a to-do- list which you should follow:-


First and foremost, you should start vacuuming the carpets, furnishings or if there are any cracks in the floor boards. It will not only help you get rid of the adult fleas, but will damage their eggs and larvae which could have increased the population if not controlled at the right time. Remove all the food sources of fleas.


Be very careful while you are emptying the vacuum cleaner because the fleas are still alive.


You should clean your pets regularly with a flea comb and wash their beds as often as possible (especially when it’s 50c or more).

In case, if you find your pet scratching or notice any rashes in their body, you should immediately have a word with your vet. They can advise the best flea sprays or powders to treat your pet.

Fleas Control For Businesses: How Important It Is?

If you fail to eliminate the fleas, they can affect your business badly. Not only it will become difficult for your staff to work in your premises, but it will also drive away your customers if they find fleas in the property. You will end up losing business and it will damage your reputation badly.

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