Mosquitoes are one of the biggest nuisances in home, especially during the rainy season when they start the process of breeding. These little creatures can spread the harmful diseases very quickly, and yet when it comes to dealing with them, it is not an easy job as it seems. This is exactly where you will need the help of experts of BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA and our team of experts with the help of the best tools and techniques will immediately eradicate the mosquitoes from your property.Different species of mosquitoes can spread different kind of diseases. And if you have children at home, you should take the right preventative measures so that they don’t breed in your home. Hire the services of BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA to live a healthy and happy life away from the mosquito bites.



Family Culicidae

A mosquito, in Spanish means “a little fly”. Literally, they are very small flies, but you should not judge
them by their looks. They are member of the FAMILY CULICIDAE. Female mosquito’s uses a long-tube like structure to penetrate the host’s skin and suck blood. An adult mosquito’s size usually varies from 3mm to 9mm.


  • Anopheles
  • Aedes
  • Culex
  • Mansonia
  • Culiseta
  • Coquillettidia


Most of the times, it’s the female mosquitoes which are more popular because they usually feed on blood to lay eggs. The less known fact is that both the male and female mosquitoes (adults) feed on flower nectar.

The larvae feed on different kind of materials, depending on the specific species. However, there are some species which are predatory and can consume the other mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes are mostly active from dusk until dawn, but they become most active in the shady areas. They are not active in the morning hours since they can die.


Needless to mention, it’s the buzzing of the females and their bites which will let you know about their existence in your home. Each and every person has different reactions to bites i.e. swelling, mild irritation,
intense inflammation etc. You can also find the presence of immatures in the standing water, which also
includes the house plants.


Mosquitoes are carriers of various diseases i.e. they carry and spread the viruses from one individual to other. Few of the major viral diseases transmitted by the mosquitoes are dengue, malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya, Ross River virus disease, Australian encephalitis and many other kinds of flues. You would be surprised to know that mosquitoes have affected more than 500 million people in all around the world.Every year, there are around 2 million people who die because of mosquito transmitted diseases.

To control the mosquitoes, and to protect the human beings in the disease-inflicted areas, different kinds of eco-friendly methods are implemented by the local governing body of Perth, which includes vector extermination, disease prevention, insecticides, spray repellants etc.


  • Male mosquitoes do not feed on blood, while it is a major source of food for the females. However, there are few species of female mosquitoes which doesn’t feed on blood. Their source of food is plant nectar and other sugar items, similar to the males.
  • Mosquito’s proboscis in the females is very smooth, while it is a little bushy in the males.
  • Mosquitoes’ antenna has hair or plums which come with the ability to hear. Male mosquitoes usually have large and feathery antennae plumes, while the females have very smoother antennae plumes.
  • If we compare the size, male mosquitoes are very smaller than the females. Moreover, they also live shorter lives than the females.


DO-IT- YOUSELFapproach is definitely possible, but it’s very less effective if you’re considering it for long-term solution. Unfortunately, the kinds of pesticides you get in the market are not at all effective, especially when you’re dealing with a huge population of mosquitoes. They are very cheap, but won’t give you the desired results.

At BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA, we have a team of trained and qualified professionals who can identify the mosquito trails in your home. They can also eradicate the entire mosquito brigade from your home. Furthermore, the pesticides you get in the market are very poisonous, and by getting professional help, you can assure a safe environment to your loved ones.


The experts of BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA will do a thorough inspection on the property to identify the breeding areas of the mosquitoes, and they will take the right measures to treat the problem before things get worse.

The professionals will quickly check each and every area of your house and treat the favorite places of mosquitoes. Most of the times, mosquitoes usually hide in areas like furniture, or wall cracks and sometimes in the sealing gaps.

If the situation has got out of hand i.e. if the mosquitoes have made your home a living hell then BEST
PEST CONTROL PERTH WA will take serious measures according to the circumstances. They will apply a surface spray specially made to eradicate the mosquitoes from your property. Experts will use this spray in all around your household.


Have a look at the areas which our expert team will check:-


Kitchen, exterior doors, toilets, wall cracks, basements, plumbing insertions etc.


A quick analysis and identification of the breeding areas of the mosquitoes. We will also share few precautionary measures to avoid any kind of infestations in future.

Give a call to the experts of BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA to get rid of the mosquitoes right now.

Good luck!