Of all the different pests you have dealt in your life, silverfish is one of the most annoying and skin crawling, of course after cockroaches. They are extremely creepy, and will destroy everything in your home including books, wall papers, clothes etc. More than the fact that they are annoying, they have bad feeding habits and can cause a lot of damage in your home if not controlled at the right time.If you have seen silverfish in your home, you should try to get rid of them as soon as possible, but if you are expecting to get results from pesticides it is definitely not the right option. Considering all the following steps in mind can help you get rid of the silverfish in a natural and peaceful way.

*1 Seal The Food

You don’t want to keep the cereal in open only to find insects in it later. What we would suggest you are to pack/seal the dry food items like rice, cereals, sugar, flour etc. Make sure that you’re using air tight containers so that the insects fail to reach the food sources.

*2 Reduce Humidity As Much As Possible

They can survive in any environment. However, one important fact which you should know is that silverfish love to be in the moist, humid environments. Therefore, you should try to take away their favorite conditions by sealing the leakage pipes. Check whether the bathroom is properly ventilated. You should also seal the exterior cracks and ensure that the gutters and drainage systems are clean so that water can flow from it properly.

*3 Say “No” To Clutter

Silverfish loves to hide in messy and cluttered places- and that’s exactly why you will find them in old papers, books, magazines, so if you wish to save paper, then you should definitely keep your desk/table clean. Throw away all the stuff which you don’t want, and store the things (which you don’t want to throw) in airtight bins. This is mostly true for newspapers or any kind of papers which you have kept in attic or basement.

*4 Try To TRAP Them If Nothing Works Out

If the milder treatments are not giving you the right results, you should try TRAPS. All you need to do is buy small trap packets which are specifically made to trap and poison the silverfish. They are made of boric acid, pesticides, borax (which is also used in detergent powders). Look for places where you can hide them i.e. bookshelves, dresser, desk drawer, attic, basement etc. Boric acid is extremely acidic if swallowed, so you should keep it in places away from kids and pets.

DIY Or Professional Pest Control For Silverfish Infestation: Which Is The Right Option?

Hiring the professionals is one of the very first things that will come to your mind when you have silverfish infestation in your home. But is it very important to hire professionals? Can’t you take a DIY approach for the task? In this article, we’ll help you what is right, and what is appropriate according to circumstances.

Professional Silverfish Pest Control

Yes, pest control companies can help you get rid of the annoying silverfish. However, if you are looking for a company which specializes in professional silverfish pest control, things may become a little difficult for you. Most of the pest control companies can deal with any kind of pests i.e. rats, cockroaches, silverfish etc. They will immediately come to your house and do a proper analysis before suggesting any treatment. They will share some great tips on what should you exactly do and how can you prevent such infestation.

Most of the times, they will do a detailed analysis of your home. However, this is only for circumstances when you have a major silverfish infestation in your home. You are expected to pay a certain amount of money for the services. However, you always have the option to negotiate or ask for some discounts (if you are an old customer).


If you have a major silverfish infestation, then you must call for professionals. However, if it’s a very minor thing or it’s in the initial phase, you can easily do it on your own. Clean your home. Check the cardboards. Fill the cracks. These are the food sources. And, you must cut them as soon as possible.

Secondly, as it’s already been discussed, you can immediately set your own traps. Get some insecticides.

Learn About The Different Chemical Treatments

When you have a major silverfish infestation in your home, it is very important to control those using different kind of chemical treatments. Have a look at the following options which you should consider:-


A pest controlling expert has access to some of the best residual sprays which are extremely effective if used in the right way. They are considered as one of the most long-lasting treatments to kill silverfish. One just needs to spray it in the internal areas of home, and if the silverfish comes in contact with those specific areas they will immediately die.

    • DUSTS

Most of the times, you can find the silverfish in your home’s roof, and that’s exactly why dust formulations are the best way to kill the silverfish. It’s a long-lasting residual treatment. They are perfect for areas which are not suitable for wet sprays. You can also apply it in the cupboards or places where you store the books, notebooks or any files. They will immediately kill the silverfish which is eating your important papers.

    • BAITS

Another effective option is INSECTICIDAL BAITS which you can place in different locations of your home where you have found silverfish. What you should remember is that it’s very important to eliminate all their food sources if you want this option to be effective.


These are the kind of sprays which are mainly used to bring the pests out of their homes. You can get it in different forms like fogs, mists, aerosols etc. You just need to distribute these treatments in different areas of your home. Keep all these great tips in mind to eliminate the silverfish.

Good luck!