Get Rid of the Termites before It’s Too Late!

Termites are known as one of the most annoying pests which can damage everything in your home or your commercial property. They are also known as “white ants” and can cause great damage to the property if they are not checked, inspected or managed by the qualified and experienced professionals. Their main source of food is wood which they would like to have 24/7. What this means is that termites in your home can lead to a major infestation if not controlled at the right time.

As termites have existed in this earth for more than 100 million years, they are the real survivors and it’s very difficult to eliminate the pests without the help of expert professionals. Whether you have termites in home or business premises, it is going to be a huge investment and so you should take time to find the best pest control company for your needs.

Termite Damage: How Does It Look Like?

According to a survey, your property has more chances of getting damaged by termites if compared to fire. As a property owner, you should have some knowledge of the risks of termites in your property especially because its damage is not covered by the insurance policy. You can save a lot of money if the termites are detected in the initial phase.

How Do You Know Whether You Have Termites In Home?

The very first clue which you will get is the small flying insects near your home- and they’re more popularly known as termite swarmer- you can also find them flying near your doors and windows. This kind of phenomenon usually happens during the spring season.

However, when it comes to termites, they are very active in all around the year, and you may also get confused between termite swarmers and flying ants. Identification is one of the most crucial processes when you are looking for a permanent solution to deal with the infestation.

Termites are very secretive and therefore spotting them is not as easy as it seems. They live in hollow doors and windows for many years. And, you won’t be able to detect them so easily. You just need to check the early damage signs to know whether you have termites in the property.

Here Are The Most Common Signs Of Termites:-


They can damage the laminate flooring and skirting boards badly. You should also check whether the floor feels a little spongy and probably you may also notice sag in certain different areas.


Check out the cracks in the internal walls. Termites consume the cellulose which is found in the timbers. Therefore, if you see any kind of visible cracks, you should accept that there’s some kind of termite activity happening within the walls.


From beams to rafters, wooden ceilings, architraves and attics have high chances of getting damaged by the termites because these are the places which are often attacked by them. Check the ceilings and cornices to find out whether you have termites in your home.


The kind of foundation your property is built on has a major impact on whether it will attract the termites or not. In case, if they get the entry in search of food, then they can completely destroy the property badly. Although most of the foundations are now made of concrete- and the good news is that it’s not the source of food for termites- they can easily enter the property if there are any cracks and will damage the floor joints which are made of wood.

If you are thinking of building an extension, then you must lay a chemical termite barrier to protect the termites from entering the foundation cracks. Properties which have crawl spaces are at greater risk as their foundation is still made of wood.


If the doors and windows of your home are infested with termites, then it will become very difficult to open, as the way they regularly eat the frames makes it irregular.


Every garden has a wooden deck and fence posts which are made of wood. They are at greater risk of termites and therefore you should immediately use any termite control treatment/solution to get rid of them. Long-term damage can destroy it badly. You should opt for termite treated wood or any metal items to avoid this kind of problem in the long run. They can also damage trees, and it may also lead to branch falling.

Go For A Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is a must for the early detection of the termites so that one can easily protect the large scale damage with the help of the professional pest control experts. Inspections will also let you know whether the property is more susceptible to wooden damage and minimize the risks as much as possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most of the times, it is absolutely free by the pest experts. If there is any kind of termite activity on your property or you are looking for some preventative treatments to protect your property from any such risks, speak with the best professionals who specialize in pest control. Always look for someone who will do it at an affordable price. Get quotes from different pest control companies. Choose the ones which will meet all your needs and also do it quickly.

Worried about TERMITES?

Termites eat 24/7. What this means they are constantly eating food and so can damage everything badly. If you don’t treat them at the right time, they can destroy the wooden structure of your home leading to a major collapse of the building.

To protect your home against termites or any other kind of pests, you should immediately look for cost-effective termite prevention plans to reduce the risk of the pests. Always look for someone who has huge years of experience in dealing with termites. They can offer the most effective, customized solutions.

Good luck!