Ticks are one of the biggest nuisances not only in the countryside, but also areas with deer and other animals. They
will come to your garden and bring those pests without realizing that it can destroy the complete lawn.

Homeowners who’re taking a DIY approach can use garlic to keep the ticks away from your home. They don’t like the
scent of garlic and will leave your property if you keep garlic. At BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA, we have a team of professionals who will help you get rid of the ticks quickly and easily.

How ticks enter your home? Have you ever given a thought on this? They enter your home through hitchhiking on
pets, people and sometimes clothes. This is one of the major reasons why you should keep an eye on the pets and
children so that they don’t have any ticks on their body. Wash the clothes that may have ticks.

Ticks become a major nuisance if there are tick hosts present in your attic or any other space. There are many other
animals which can also bring ticks in your living space. The good thing is that they won’t be able to survive if there are no hosts inside. One of the species of ticks which can survive without a host is BROWN DOG TICK. They can live
comfortably and easily reproduce inside.

SOFT TICKS are a kind of ticks which sometimes try to enter the structure searching for a host who can help them
grow. They are not a big threat to the well-structured homes with proper exclusionary measures, and no nest in the
structure. If the home is poorly constructed or a property with rustic cabins it has high chances of attracting the ticks. These ticks sometimes also try to feed on human beings before they returned to their shelter.


Family Ixodidae (which means the most common ticks you’ll find in your own home).


They have different variety of species and so the color will vary from one to another. Adult ticks are usually smaller than a sunflower seed (which is around 1 cm long if it has blood), while If we talk about tick larvae then it is less than 1mm. The most common ticks which can be a big nuisance for the homeowners are AMERICAN DOG TICK, BLACKLEGGED TICK, DEER TICK, LONE STAR TICK etc.


Most of the times, ticks are usually found near wooded areas and places with high vegetation. There are some
species of ticks which requires a little bit of moisture to survive. Their source of food is blood of birds, reptiles and mammals. Every tick has a preferred host, although most of them usually feed on the blood. Therefore, they are more popularly known as the kind of species which bites deer, livestock, dogs, cats, humans etc.


The lifecycle of a tick can be divided into four different stages i.e. egg, larval, nymphal and the last stage i.e. adult. During the larvae stage, ticks usually have six legs which eventually grow in the nymphal and adult stage. In that particular stage, they have eight legs. In all the stages, their main source of food is blood.

Identify Tick Infestation

Well, you can easily spot the ticks in your home. Few other signs include medical symptoms from different diseases
or you can also spot the fluids transmitted by the ticks. Needless to mention, this can vary from one species to
another and so should be best left to the professionals.


This is a kind of species which will look for safety in the hidden areas of your home. You must repair the cracks and
crevices in your home to discourage such infestations which can destroy your property if not controlled at the right
time. It is very important to dispose the bird and rodent nests because tick infestation usually happens on such items. The kind of treatment used for ticks is very different from what you use for fleas. If you have noticed a tick infestation in your home, give a call to the professional right now.

If you have found the ticks on your pets or your loved ones then it must be thoroughly removed. Pull the ticks from the host’s skin immediately as soon as you find it. Crushing it may lead to the release of risky and harmful fluids which can affect your health badly. The most important process is to remove the mouthparts from the wound as soon as
possible. Wash the infected areas properly and treat it with a disinfected solution. In case, if there are any kind of
medical concerns resulting from a tick bite, get the right medical attention as soon as you can.


Be very careful while removing the ticks because it can also cause infection if not done in the right way. It is advisable to make use of forceps or tweezers which is considered as one of the most efficient removal techniques. However, if you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the removal process, then you must hire the
professionals to do the job. Homeowners who are taking a DIY approach should wash the hands properly.

While you are removing the ticks from the skin, never ever crush the body of the specimen. It may expose the harmful
bacteria in the air and cause serious diseases. Grip it properly. Remove the mouthparts from the victim’s skin
properly. Once you have removed the tick, keep the specimen in a bottle with a lid. Again, wash your hands along
with the affected area. Consult a medical doctor if you have any medical history. It’s only a professional who can help you out in such a scenario. Keep all these great tips in mind to get rid of the ticks.

Good luck!