Chances are that you just step outside of your home on a bright sunny day and you saw some wasps flying here and there. Of course, you don’t want them to bite your kids and so you will immediately look for some effective solutions to get rid of the pests.Which company should you choose? Even when you have thought to take a DIY approach, how will you know about the technique which will work and which won’t? Most of the times, you can find the wasps flying around. They usually don’t fly in groups, or any other formations like Canadian geese. However, you can find sometimes them in a group, and they will even crawl in a specific location.

You’ll find them entering a hole and leaving from the same hole near that specific area. That’s exactly why they build their nest. Or if you’re not finding a hole nearby; then they must be either flying or crawling a nest which they must have built in the top of a building. At BEST PEST CONTROL PERTH WA, we have a team of professionals who specialize in wasp removal.

Homeowners simply don’t need to worry about the occasional wasps. They’re not interested in you, and all they want is to fly from one place to another. Never ever get too close to them because they can sting you any moment. Their daily job is to collect the food and bring it to the nest. They fly, look for a food source for their young ones, and will take it back to the nest once they have collected it.

Key Facts To Know About WASPS

Vespula Vulgaris which is one of the most common or social wasps along with German Wasps ( Vespula Germanica) are mostly seen in the home or business premises. There are other species of wasps which are also considered as pests, but they are not as common as like both these wasps.

Have a look at the following aspects which can help you to differentiate between wasps and bees:-

  • Wasps have less hair on the bodies if compared with bees.
  • They also have a tighter waist than the bees.
  • Wasps are sometimes confused as hornets as they look similar, but they are very small in size.
  • Wasps have yellow and black marking on their bodies.
  • Wasps have three main body parts which are as follows: – head, thorax, abdomen.
  • If we talk about working wasps, then they usually vary in the size from 12-17 mm.
  • You would be surprised to know that it’s only the female wasps which stings and they can do it repeatedly.


Most of the times, you will only get annoyed of them when they will build the nest around your home. That might be the garden area or somewhere where you can relax. May be that is exactly the place where the conditions are suitable to build a nest, and the location might be your favorite patio chair. May be they’ll built the nest in your home entrance, and you don’t know how to eliminate them.

They sometimes also build a nest in a place where the children play. When you have encountered such situations, you should immediately look for experts, who specialize in wasp removal. It’s very important to make the right choice at the right time because they can sting you any time if you don’t take any action.

Identifying A Wasp Nest

They make their nests from saliva and chewed wood pulp, which is why they have papery walls. Most of the times, wasps will build a nest in the sheltered spots which has a direct access to the outside area. You can also find the nests in the roof spaces, sheds, bird boxes, garages etc.

To find a nest, you should keep an eye on their returning track. It becomes easier for you to track in the summer season because their population increases rapidly in this season.

Size Of A Wasp Nest

In the initial phase, you will find it very small. However, when a queen wasp will start building the nest during spring, it is going to be bigger like the size of a walnut or a gold ball.

As the summer season continues, the nest will grow rapidly; the population of wasps will also grow continuously. A nest can also be sometimes as big as the football, or sometimes more bigger in certain instances. It is very important to treat the nest in advance before the wasps become more aggressive.

Wasps V/S Bees: Is There Any Difference?

People do get confused between bees and wasps. However, the main difference is the kind of treatments used for a wasp nest and bee hive. Bees are one of the most endangered species and therefore if the nest is removed then it will pose a threat to the mankind. When it comes to treating the wasp nests, the solutions are very common and can be easily carried out with the help of expert professionals.

WASP Nest Removal Process

Eliminating the wasps is not as easy as it seems. It is very dangerous, especially if you are planning to take a DIY approach. They become aggressive when they feel threatened and can attack you anytime. You don’t need to attack on their nests if you want to get rid of them. All you need to do is treat it in the right way.

It is advisable to look for a professional expert if you want to minimize the risks of their stings. This kind of solution can eradicate the wasps and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Our Nest Treatment Solutions

Remember, a mature wasp nest requires a complete professional treatment as they have much higher risks of wasp stings. In this stage, you can expect thousands or more individual wasps. We have a team of certified technicians who have the right expertise to deal with different species. That’s exactly why we will offer a complete wasp control solution at an affordable price.

Good luck!